If you have a DoD contract and you are having difficulties in reading through the FAR clauses, DFAS issues, you've come to the right place. We can help you understand your contract requirements, which type of invoice to submit and even provide training for submitting your documents through Wide Area Workflow (WAWF). Our staff has more than sixty years of combined experience in DoD contracts and payments. Aysis Inc. can provide you with the tools and information necessary for your business to be successful in this competitive environment. We can provide answers to all of your WAWF questions. Don't have the time are staff to generate your invoices, Aysis Inc can also process your invoices for you and will ensure they are processed through to DFAS. Take a look at what our students said about the training they received. Click here.

WAWF Seminars

Our hands on seminars provide training in creating different types of documents using Wide Area Workflow(WAWF). These documents range from Stand Alone Invoices, Combination (COMBOS) documents, and correcting rejects. We also cover inputting IUIDs and RFIDs. We understand that sometimes it just isn't feasible cost or time wise to attend these seminars, that's why Aysis Inc. also provides Consultant services (See below).

Consulting Services

Unable to attend a Seminar because of travel or cost constraints, Aysis Inc. can arrange for you to receive training telephonically. Our instructor will guide you though the steps for each phase of Electronic Document Access (EDA), MyInvoice and WAWF registration. Already using WAWF. Perhaps there are some questions that you just can't resolve using conventional "Help" services. This is where Aysis Inc. can assist you. We will not only research and answer your questions, but will also provide supporting guidance. If your company requires guidance and interpretation of the new requirements of E-Commerce and the electronic requirement for invoice submission, Aysis Inc can help. Often time just knowing which type of invoice to submit will eliminate payment delays. Cash flow is an important phase in your billing cycle, certainly you wouldn't want to delay your payment because you didn't follow the directions of your contract.

System for Award Management (SAM)

Don't pay hundreds to maintain or update your SAM information. Aysis Inc can maintain your SAM account for a fraction of what competitors are asking. Don't take chances with your EFT payments going to the wrong account. Aysis Inc can monitor your SAM account for an annual fee or a onetime charge for updates.

Veteran Administration Billings

The Department of Veterans Affairs published a final rule in the Federal Register on November 27, 2012 to require contractors to submit payment requests in electronic form in order to enhance customer service, departmental productivity, and adoption of innovative information technology, including the appropriate use of commercial best practices. The rule is effective December 27, 2012. Aysis Inc can assist Vendors with processing their invoices via OB10. Contact us today and see how this process will work for you.